Sunday, 29 April 2012


The right way to invest money is to invest in such an asset that it will help you in future when you need it. The best of the options are investing in gold and investing in property which gives you a sure return without loss. While you also have an option to invest in transport but it needs your time and and your presence other you will be in a great loss. If you want to play safe then the better options are mentioned above b'cause in india the value of property in next 50 years wont go down and the value of gold will never go down you can easily take gold loan or so with your asset at the time you need it.
Try to avoid stocking your money in your house as a safe account cause money won't multiply being at one place you need to invest it in some place to invest. If you are educated enough that you understand the indian stock market than you sould invest some part of your income in indian stock market. But do remember it is nothing but gambling at your ownm risk you can be rich in few ours and inversly you can be poor in few minutes so try not to invest whole lot of money in stock market until and unless you understand the key knowledge to make profit out of it.

Think where you see yourself after 3 years and than plan your life it doesn't matter what you earn actually try to work more so that you can be paid for your extra time. And if your company doesn
't provide you with extra time than do some part time job and invest in till you are sure that you will earn profit out of what you invest. Play it safe until you have sufficient money in your hand to survive in this competitive world.

Friday, 27 April 2012


Some people create a dilemma of whether they can determine their future in their present or not, will it affect their present if they think about their future? Will it affect their future? I prefer you to plan it before it confuses you what to do in life. Well yes, it might take a few minutes or say hours of yours but it will repel all those problem which might stand as an obstacle in your way if you have not planned what you have to do. Living without a motive is living without a life. You need to discover what you have to do in life in order to achieve success. Living with a vision will give you eternal energy to upgrade your knowledge to fight with the world. It will provide you with the immense power of surviving in this highly competitive world.

Remember always that you have to be on the top to be the best and it doesn't matter how intelligent you are, it doesn't matter if you score good in your class or not, but the thing which matters the most is that your thoughts should be different from all the others and yeah scoring low in your examination should not affect your thoughts but the thing which affects is that you should never score low in your life. The knowledge of everyone differs with person to person some are intelligent in books some are intelligent in practical life don't let those failures and success affect your attitude towards life.


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

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I searched the most frequently asked question on Google and I received this one and let me tell you it is quite easy and the most difficult question to answer. When I saw it i wasn't much amazed as I myself had faced this question many a times and trust me I did all the things with my life which i wondered about. Quite conveniently i would not suggest you to do everything which comes in your mind but apart from this people never think about the reason which implanted this question in their mind. Peer pressure, parental pressure, teacher pressure the common word here as you must have noticed is pressure. yes, its all about creating a dilemma of your own abilities in your own mind. this is the most important thing which you need to understand before we move further as earlier also i have emphasised upon understanding and spending time with you before you are taking any major decision in life. Now moving back to the question what should i do with my life? well every human take birth with a special ability and I'm sure that not Even a single percent of them are left with no motive in their lives but the problem revolves around him that he got influenced by the people around him. Life is not just about getting money cause when you will die you wont be taking anything along with you so do whatever you feel entertains you the most no matter if you love washing a car or riding a bike, make it your profession but do remember if you have the quality make it as sharp as a diamond which can even reflect in all the crowd dark. Make a simple motive of your life by not giving a shit to what people says or do to demotivate you, you know you are the best and you don't need to tell them what you have got. Apart from all this the most important thing that if you succeed than don;t just sit down and relax cause many are there who wants to be crystal perfect and in order to defeat them you need to refresh you talent each day each momt. hope with this mantra chant you'll surely succeed in your life. Best of  luck.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


All the hype around the world about the fact that aipmt is not a childs play and if you wish to crack it you need to study for hours and hours. I claim everything is complete rubbish it is a myth created by the people who have never seen the question paper of AIPMT ever in their lives. Handy advice is you need to focus on you particular schedule created by you to achieve it. Few tips:-
  • Prepare a time table for your study schedule.
  • Don't exceed the study limit more than 40 mins.
  • Take a break of 15-20 mins after each study period.
  • Switch your mobile phones off as well as your music player while you are studying.
  • 1 day study should not be more than 4 hours.
  • Give equal time to each subject if you are equally good.
  • Biology is not an easy subject but remember it is if u study regularly as it is the hope of all the students who wants to clear any medical exams.
  • Solve as many sample papers as well as MCQ's after you finish a particular topic. (min. of 50 ques)
  • If you are admitted in any coaching institute than make sure you have tried all the questions given after each chapter
  • Make proper notes and do not rush during the examination days.
  • Make sure your studies are regular as occasional studies won't do any benefits.

And if u'll follow these tips it will be easy for you to crack any of the entance exam.

Success Don't Just Needs Hardwork.

Indian society is all about working like 24 hours to achieve success without learning the practical use of the knowledge. Students are forced to study without even knowing their opinion their interests. I personally feel you need some courange to face the world face the reality what you want what you feel what is your own interest without considering anyone else in your life cause your life is yours no one else will give the peace of mind, might you earn a bit less than a doctor or a engineer but you definatly going to achieve the peace state of mind. If some one stops you leave them in your past cause you just have one life and one shot to it and now you have to decide what you have to do. You always gopt 2 options in life either follow what other says to you or just follow what you say to yourself cause if you are a human than you must be having an agenda to live and no one can tell you what it is other than you yourself. BE YOU BE ORIGINAL ... best tip for shorcut to succes.. best of luck for you life :)