Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Success Don't Just Needs Hardwork.

Indian society is all about working like 24 hours to achieve success without learning the practical use of the knowledge. Students are forced to study without even knowing their opinion their interests. I personally feel you need some courange to face the world face the reality what you want what you feel what is your own interest without considering anyone else in your life cause your life is yours no one else will give the peace of mind, might you earn a bit less than a doctor or a engineer but you definatly going to achieve the peace state of mind. If some one stops you leave them in your past cause you just have one life and one shot to it and now you have to decide what you have to do. You always gopt 2 options in life either follow what other says to you or just follow what you say to yourself cause if you are a human than you must be having an agenda to live and no one can tell you what it is other than you yourself. BE YOU BE ORIGINAL ... best tip for shorcut to succes.. best of luck for you life :)

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