Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I searched the most frequently asked question on Google and I received this one and let me tell you it is quite easy and the most difficult question to answer. When I saw it i wasn't much amazed as I myself had faced this question many a times and trust me I did all the things with my life which i wondered about. Quite conveniently i would not suggest you to do everything which comes in your mind but apart from this people never think about the reason which implanted this question in their mind. Peer pressure, parental pressure, teacher pressure the common word here as you must have noticed is pressure. yes, its all about creating a dilemma of your own abilities in your own mind. this is the most important thing which you need to understand before we move further as earlier also i have emphasised upon understanding and spending time with you before you are taking any major decision in life. Now moving back to the question what should i do with my life? well every human take birth with a special ability and I'm sure that not Even a single percent of them are left with no motive in their lives but the problem revolves around him that he got influenced by the people around him. Life is not just about getting money cause when you will die you wont be taking anything along with you so do whatever you feel entertains you the most no matter if you love washing a car or riding a bike, make it your profession but do remember if you have the quality make it as sharp as a diamond which can even reflect in all the crowd dark. Make a simple motive of your life by not giving a shit to what people says or do to demotivate you, you know you are the best and you don't need to tell them what you have got. Apart from all this the most important thing that if you succeed than don;t just sit down and relax cause many are there who wants to be crystal perfect and in order to defeat them you need to refresh you talent each day each momt. hope with this mantra chant you'll surely succeed in your life. Best of  luck.

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